Bingo Update: New Procedures for Submitting Your Card

How is your March Madness Bingo card looking? I hope you're making progress, because halftime is over, and we've got about a week and a half left in the game!

Under the original rules, you were supposed to bring your card to the shop by 5:30pm on Saturday, April 11th, along with evidence of the projects you completed. Because of the uncertainty created by the COVID-19 crisis, we've decided to change this process and make it entirely internet-based (see details below). Also, since you no longer need time to get to to the shop, we're letting you use that extra time to finish your projects. The submission date will stay the same -- 5:30pm, Saturday April 11th -- but you can now count any project completed right up to the deadline.

We will need a little extra time to review your cards this way, so we will plan to announce the winner by 5:00pm Sunday, April 12th.

There are two different ways to submit your Bingo Card online, depending on whether or not you have (or choose to make) a Ravelry account.

Ravelry Method: This is the method we highly recommend, because there is already a discussion thread dedicated to March Madness Bingo, and because Ravelry will make it easy for you to show us the details of the projects to confirm your game card. Plus, if you aren't using Ravelry already, you are missing out on a wonderful way to stay connected to your craft and to each other during this time of social distancing (and beyond!). To submit your completed card through Ravelry, do the following by 5:30pm, Saturday April 11th:

  • Add your bingo projects to your library, including the details that show how they satisfy a square (e.g., if a project satisfies the "no animal fiber content" square, make sure you fill in what yarn you used).
  • Join our Ravelry Group and open the March Madness discussion thread on the group page.
  • Send a "reply to thread" that includes:
    • a list of the projects with the squares they satisfy and links to the projects in your library; and
    • a photo of your filled out bingo card. (Make sure that your name is clearly visible on your card, since we don't know you all by your Ravelry name!)

Email Method: Follow these instructions by 5:30pm, Saturday April 11th if you prefer to submit your bingo card without using Ravelry:

  • Take a picture of each completed project
  • Take a picture of your completed bingo card (with your name clearly visible on it)
  • Send an email to, attaching the pictures and listing, in the text of the message, the names of the projects and the squares that they satisfy.
  • The subject line of the email must say "My Bingo Card" (this is important so that your submission doesn't get overlooked in our very full in-box).

Remember, one bingo (a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of 5 squares) gets you a reward, and every bingo gets you an entry in the drawing for the fabulous grand prize: