LYS Day -- Continued!

Bring your kids and your non-knitting friends with you on Saturday afternoon because we've got some fun things planned that everyone can enjoy. SPINNING DEMONSTRATION (2-4pm) -- Have you ever watched the fascinating process of fiber being spun into yarn? We'll have a spinner or two at work in the shop so you can see the magic happening. COMMUNITY YARN-BOMBING PROJECT (2-4pm) -- help us get a little wild transforming a spinning wheel into a work of yarn-y art! FREE FIBER-CRAFT LESSONS (2-4pm) -- We'll show you how to use special tools to make pom poms and flowers and discount the tools 10% so you can enjoy your new skill at home. FREE KNITTING & CROCHET LESSONS (2-4pm) -- We'll get you started with these great hobbies and discount your first hook or set of needles and one ball of yarn 10% if you take a lesson. And, of course, what's a celebration without TREATS?