Please Note: Northfield Yarn will be opening late this Monday, December 4th. We will be open from Noon-5:30pm. Normal hours will resume on Tuesday, December 5th.

New Reusable Bag Policy

In honor of Earth Day, we have decided to launch a new reusable bag policy. The plastic bags we use in the shop are made from recycled plastic, but it would still be nice to minimize the number of them that get released into the world, right? So starting on Saturday, April 22, we will give you a "Bag Tag" for each reusable bag you use. You can collect the Bag Tags and redeem a set of 10 for $1 off a purchase of merchandise (cannot be applied to classes or gift cards). If you prefer, you can contribute your Bag Tags to our new collection box, where they will be worth 10 cents each toward our goal of purchasing a Share of a Sheep to help a family in need through Heifer International. It might take a while (the smallest share is $10), but it seems like a worthwhile goal to work toward. Sound good? Let's give it a go and see what happens! Maybe we'll keep it up until we can purchase a whole sheep!