October 15th is I Love Yarn Day & Frenzy Start Date

Saturday, October 15th, is I Love Yarn Day, and we are showing our love for yarn on Facebook and Instagram. On Facebook, if you participate in the effort to Yarnbomb Facebook, and add #northfieldyarn to your posts, we'll enter you in a drawing to win a prize. (Posts must be public so we can find them.) If you want to join in the fun on Instagram, find our post from earlier this week for another chance to win a prize. Also, it's not too late to sign up for our Fall Finishing Frenzy, which starts on Saturday, October 15th. It's completely free, and it works like this: commit to finishing a certain project, or projects, of your choosing -- whatever WIPs have been dragging a bit and need a little nudge. Then you have six weeks to work diligently on your goal, and at the end we reward ourselves with a party (on Saturday, December 3rd at 5pm), collective appreciation of our creations, and small prizes for the proud Finishers. You can sign up online with this link, and contact that shop if you want more information.