Kollage Needles

Kollage Square circular knitting needles have precise points and smooth joins that swivel. Each needle is etched with the size and cable length. The square shape of the Kollage circulars makes them easier to hold, allowing you to knit longer without contributing to hand strain -- ideal for knitters who have arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or other pain or stiffness in hands and fingers. Made from anodized aluminum for a silky smooth surface.

Made in Canada. Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. 

Needles with a story:  When Louet stopped making Kollage Needles in 2019, they became difficult to find and impossible for shops to carry.  Now the needles are back, and the company behind them is “Career Services,” not the sort of name generally associated with the fiber industry.  For over 40 years, Career Services has helped thousands of people with disabilities find employment, and many of their clients had been placed with Louet making Kollage needles.  So to keep this productive arrangement going -- and make these great needles available again -- Career Services purchased Kollage from Louet, made a few improvements to the product, and got the needles back on the market.  Every needle purchased enables Career Services to continue to provide inclusive training, real work experience, and employment for its clients.  

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