Reywa Fibers

Reywa Fibers is family-owned business based here in Minnesota but closely connected to the Tibetan nomads who harvest the yak down used in Reywa Fibers' yarns.  As they explain here in their own words, they are committed to using a share of their profits to improve the quality of life for these people they have come to care about:

"Reywa means “hope” in the Tibetan language, and the desire to be a catalyst for hope is what drives our company vision. Our passion is to see Tibetan people benefit directly from the development and sale of the fiber their animals produce, enabling families to live healthy lives, full of hope for the future. With an emphasis on Education, Reywa profits have sponsored several children of Tibetan families. As Reywa grows, our ability to impact Tibetan communities will grow as well."  

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