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Open Stitch Request

June 2021


I love the little community that has grown around Northfield Yarn.  When we had to discontinue in-person gatherings, I feared that the community would unravel, but I needn’t have worried. Your continued participation has proven that the bonds are strong. Indeed, the virtual format of Open Stitch has allowed the community to grow, as people have been able to join regardless of their location. 

As we welcome new participants, we need to keep in mind that not everyone shares the same experiences or opinions.  I will never sanction racist or threatening speech at Northfield Yarn. But I do seek to embrace diversity, believing it to be a source of strength and wisdom for a community.  At a time when our broader society is fracturing, and people with different points of view seem unwilling to even associate with one another, we are fortunate to have a common love of fiber crafts that brings us together.   

So here’s my request.  Please keep in mind that some opinions and topics can have an alienating effect on others, and moderate your discussions accordingly.  Refrain from expressing opinions in a way that discourages disagreement, for instance, or simply steer away from topics that are known to be fraught.  In short, do your part to keep the space comfortable for everyone. Let’s make these accommodations so that we can focus on the positive: the joy we get from sharing our common love of fiber crafts.

Thank you. ❤️