MDK Field Guide No. 18: Beginnings

MDK Field Guide No. 18: Beginnings

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With Field Guide No. 18:  Beginnings, we celebrate the idea of a new start, that joy that comes when trying something for the first time!

Karida Collins explores this idea of newness, and especially the idea that sometimes, the simplest projects are the most delightful.  These projects require nothing more than knit, purl, decrease, increase, and yarnover.  There's a simple cable in there too, and that's as fancy as it gets.  But look at what amazing effects can come from these most basic of stitches.  Knitting is forever new- each project has its own moment when we decide we're going to jump in.  Have a look at these six ideas- there's endless fun to be had here!

Patterns include:

  • Scarf-Cowl Duet
  • Diagonal Mitts
  • Everyday Cowlette
  • Simple Swoncho
  • Debut Pullover
  • Flash Cap

Looking to put together a slightly bigger gift for a loved one? A gift card for either $50 or $75 would be the perfect amount to accompany this book of beginner-friendly patterns. Either amount would cover the cost of yarn & needles for any of the patterns except the Debut Pullover.